We recommend reserving tickets online. All tickets online are 14.99 for 30 minutes only. If you walk in on Thursday and Friday tickets will be 24.99 per a person.

Example: if your reservation shows 5pm-5.30pm it means that you would need to arrive by 5pm and you will have time until 5.30pm

Thursday 5pm-8pm
Friday 5pm-8pm
Saturday 1pm-6pm Appointment only
Sunday 1pm-6pm Appointment only

Absolutely! We are a family-friendly destination!

All tickets are non-refundable. However, you can reschedule for a different date/time at no charge

No, we are a photography studio where you can take pictures and videos with your phone or camera using our professional settings, props and light

Absolutely! Unlike most places we allow you to bring your DSLR at no extra charge!